6 months by the numbers 

So sometime a week or so ago we hit the 6 month mark of our travels through South America. Fine, it wasn’t “a week or so”, it was March 22nd, just trying to make it sound nonchalant like we barely noticed. In fact we’ve made note of every month that’s passed and they seem to be coming faster and faster. It certainly doesn’t feel like it’s been that long, but at the same time it seems like it’s been ages since we’ve seen the smiling faces we associate with home. Anyhow, here are a few numbers to put in perspective (or not at all) what 6 months on the road has looked like for us:

Average daily spend
– $28.32CAD per person per day including our original flights from Calgary. We’re pretty happy about this.  We’re not starving ourselves or dumpster diving but we work hard to keep costs down and have yet to do a guided tour when there’s even a remote possibility of doing it on our own

Food is cheap down here. But shopping at markets and making your own is even cheaper
Oats. The solution to all your budget problems. Bonus points when you can scavenge for berries around camp

Number of treks – 13
for a grand total of over 455km  This doesn’t include the 12km hike we lead while working in Cotopaxi which we each did at least 10 times
Our most prized but abused possessions, definitely need a lot more rest than they get
Days of rock climbing24
We could have easily spent 6 months strictly climbing if only the rest of South America was boring

Days we’ve fished – 22

As the saying goes “you can teach a girl to fish…and then not catch a bigger fish than her ever again”…or something like that
Bouts of food poisoning – 3. Which I consider to be not bad considering we always pick the cheapest local spots and my attempts to sample every street food in each country 

Fresh is better right?

It’s like a game of Russian Roulette

Hours on a bus – 33 busses for 241hrs
. Yup, that’s over 10 days 

Lovin’ life

Number of border crossings – 9

Number of different hostels stayed in – 19

Nights spent in a tent – 35
. This number is about to jump on account of hostel prices in Argentina

Our very first campsite, setting the bar high
And our most recent
Workaways – 2. We may not have been helping build someone’s Eco-friendly, sustainable, world saving project but we enjoyed our stays in Lobitos and Cotopaxi

Stressful work environments…
Ponchos, mountains, dogs and free beer. Pinch me
Cribbage games played – 33. Our rivalry sits at 21-12 in favour of Roxanne, which I guess doesn’t make it much of a rivalry 

Horses ridden – 2
. I’m as unimpressed by this number as you are

Are sunglasses for horses a thing? They probably should be

Number of empanadas eaten
– That’s like asking the number of M&Ms in a bag…the answer is “I dunno but not enough”

The days, weeks and adventures are flying by. It seems like it will be no time at all before we are writing a summary of our travels with tears streaming down our cheeks onto our empanadas. But for now we thank you for tuning in and hope you’ve enjoyed our posts to this point!

¡Buen viaje!


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